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Carbon Fiber

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  Carbon Fabric   
Product ID Width (mm) Density (count / inch²) Thickness (mm) Weight (g/m²) Woven Type Carbon Fiber Fabric
Warp Fill
C120 1000 12.5 13.5 0.25 200 Plain
C524 1000 15 15 0.26 240 Twill
Other Products available:
  • 1K Carbon Fiber Fabrics : 125g/sqm. Twill and Plain.
  • 3K Carbon fabric : 4H, 5H, 8H satin, plain and twill from 200g/m2 ~ 400g/m2 are available
  • 6K Carbon Fiber Fabrics : 340g/sqm. 370g/sqm.410g/sqm.Plain,Twill and 4HS(Satin weave)
  • 12K Carbon Fiber Fabrics : 520g/sqm. 600g/sqm.650g/sqm. Plain and Twill
  Surplus Carbon Fiber   
Surplus carbon fiber is also available. Details here.
Carbon Fiber Chopped Strands 
Carbon chopped strands

Carbon fiber (Pan based) chopped strands available

  • Cut lengths 3, 6, 12, & 24mm
  • Sizing for epoxy, poly urethane, high temp, polyester, and no sizing
  • Made from high quality Toray, Toho, Mitsubishi, Hexcel, Cytec or SGL
  • Minimum order 1 ton
  • Competitive price and samples are available
  • Download PDF Data Sheet

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