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LBIE Composite Materials News
LBIE Composite Materials News - Sept. 2017 - Issue 215
 2nd grade carbon fiber at low prices
If you're seeking low cost 2nd grade carbon fiber, we have materials available for you. Some on smaller bobbins, others are older materials with expired, "use by" date. Prompt shipping. Low prices.Hexcel carbon fiber available at competitive prices
  • Hexcel IM7 12K carbon fiber (B grade)
  • Toho STS-24K carbon fiber (A grade)
  • T300 6K & 12K carbon fiber (B grade)
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 Silicone coated silica cloth
Here's a heat resistant silicone-coated silica cloth that's soft and flexible. Good chemical and abrasion resistance, and its available at a good price.
Silicone coated silica cloth available at competitive prices
  • Single or double-sided coating
  • Flexible satin weave
  • Width 920mm (36 inch)
  • Weight 610g/m2 (18oz/yd2)
  • Si02 content 96%
  • Temperature resistance 1000 degrees C (1832 F)
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