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Metric Conversion
Length Yards x 0.9144 Yields Meters
Width Inches x 2.5400 Yields Centimeters
Weight Oz./Sq.Yd x 33.9057 Yields Grams/sq. meter
Breaking Strength Lbs./Inch x 8.7563 Yields Newtons/5cm
Thickness Inches x 25.4000 Yields Millimeters
Mullen Burst Lbs./Sq.Inc. x 0.0069 Yields Megapascals
Porosity CFM x 0.5080 Yields Cubic cm/s/sq.
Area Sq. Yd. x 0.8361 Yields Sq. Meters
Metric: TEX (gm/km) Imperial: YIELD (yards/lb)
735 675
1100 450
2200 225
2400 207
4400 113
Roving/Yarn Converter
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