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Double layer 20x20 FRP Grating
New FRP Gratings web site on line now - CLICK HERE Double-Layer 20mm Square Mesh Molded Grating

This is a special type of FRP grating with smaller square mesh molded in the top part of the panel, and the standard 38mm (1-1/2") square mesh underneath.

It provides a safety aspect and is ideal for applications where the hole size of the mesh needs to be smaller the standard grating.

Available in the standard panel size listed below or made to your requirements. Standard panels have a concave non-slip top, or can be supplied with grit-top non-slip surface, flat top surface, or with a non-slip covers. Special colours are also available for you.

  20mm Double-Layer Square Mesh Molded Grating
Bar Spacing
Internal Bar Space
Panel Size
Weight/Sq Meter
Open Area
(3/4 x 3/4")
(1/2 x 1/2")
(39-1/2 x 79")
15.8 kgs
(35 lbs)

Premium Grade FRP Gratings without fillers
  Premium Grade FRP Grating

All FRP gratings are also available manufactured with polyester resins without additive fillers to produce a premium grade FRP grating.

The adoption of pure resin without fillers produces a strong grating, abundant in resin. This guarantees superior corrosion resistance properties and long service life in highly corrosive environments. No fillers are used so as to increase the contents of continuous glass roving which assures a high mechanical strength. All premium gratings are available with concave surface, grit-top surface or flat surface.

Flat Surface FRP Grating
  Flat Surface FRP Grating

All FRP gratings can be made with a flat surface with their thicknesses machine gauged. These gratings can be installed in areas where standard gratings are installed, or can be used in wide areas of buildings to achieve an attractive cleanliness and excellent eye appeal.

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