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3-D Fiberglass Sandwich Woven Fabrics

3-D Fiberglass Sandwich Woven Fabrics 3D Fiberglass Fabric | Texturized Yarn  | S-Glass Materials |  Silicone Fiberglass Fabric | Basalt Fibers
Carbon Fiber | Multiaxial Fabric

3-D sandwich woven fabrics have a hollow integrated core sandwich structure - excellent mechanical properties and design versatility

Two deck layers bonded together by Z-piles to the specified height of 2mm to 25mm (1/8" to 1").

  • Available in fiberglass, basalt & carbon fiber
  • Excellent mechanical properties & design versatility
  • Impregnate with thermoset resin, the fabric absorbs the resin and rises to the preset height
  • Multiple advantages (de lamination, impact) against traditional sandwiches like honeycombs
  • Download data
Weave structure of 3-D Fiberglass Sandwich Woven Fabric

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